Friday, 18 September 2015

Returning to You

Miss You now, more than ever before.. want You now, more than ever before… need You now, like ever before.. if only I had not let my vision get clouded by reasoning.. if only I had followed my heart.. I wouldn’t have lost my way to You..
I wait longingly.. I think I need to long more, before I see You..
I don’t know if I am evading You or You are evading me. All I know is that I have forgotten my way to You...

I cannot reach You, but You can.. because there is no place where You are not there.
I cannot find You, but You can… because you have the best view..
I cannot hear You, but You can.. because You are the primordial source of sound..
Forgive me, but I am afraid that I cannot even feel You, but You can.. because You are the all-pervading warmth, the only one who can remove the numbness in me..

Only You can, like none other...
I beg You, please reach me, find me, hear me, and engulf me in Your warmth, so that I can finally come back to You, as I did before I existed or never ceased to exist..

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